IOREX is the only pipe protection device that improves water quality while removing and preventing rust, scale, slime, and biofilm in water pipes without using chemical inhibitors, expensive enzymes or powered devices which can rack up electricity bills.



Emergency maintenance and property damage from water pipes are among the scariest problems facing building owners and managers. Current methods for trying to fix pipes or alleviate water pipe problems can involve extensive labor periods and costs, on top of which walls and floors are broken into or torn up, inconveniencing staff and clients.

Using pipe lining to coat the interior of corroded pipes not only further reduces pipe diameters - and thus thermal efficiency - it also uses potentially toxic chemicals (bisphenol) that are banned in some countries. The lifespan of the lining is also limited before it becomes at risk of peeling, and pipe lining can be a breeding ground for bacteria and biofilm.

Other water pipe treatment devices can be energy-intensive to operate. Not only are these added costs seen in utility bills, but dependency on a power source means a more tempermental system. If there is an outage, or the device malfunctions, it is not having any impact on your pipes or water.

How IOREX Works

IOREX is a multi-benefit, one-time, quick installation that requires no maintenance or electricity to operate and is proven effective for at least 25 years.

IOREX helps alleviate the pain and costs of emergency repairs by protecting pipes and preventing pinhole leaks, as well as reducing the need for pipe jetting and the use of chemical inhibitors.

It significantly saves on maintenance expenses, removes corrosion, rust, scale and biofilm and kills bacteria in water, including Legionella pneumophila.

You will also notice cleaner showerheads, faucets, toilet tanks, dishwashers, and other appliances that can accumulate buildup from water as well as significantly improved water quality.