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IOREX is the only maintenance-free pipe protector and water quality and thermal efficiency improver that removes and prevents rust, scale, slime, and biofilm in water pipes without using chemical inhibitors, expensive enzymes or powered devices that can rack up electricity bills.

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The total pipe solution:

  • Enhances the taste and feel of water

  • Prevents and removes existing rust, scale, slime, and biofilm in water pipes

  • Prevents corrosion, and thus prevents lead or other toxic chemicals from leaching into water as it passes through pipes.

  • Keeps water pipes clean, drastically increasing efficiency & prolonging their lifespan.

  • Prevents pipe leakage in new pipes, and minimizes leakage from older pipes with existing leaks.

  • Kills bacteria by breaking down their cell wall

  • Prevents Legionella pneumophila bacteria contamination.

  • Improves water absorption by breaking down water clusters into smaller sizes

Do you Know What your Pipes are Doing?


Your home’s water pipes deliver the water you use to drink, cook and bathe. IOREX not only sterilizes and enhances the taste and feel of water, it also protects and extends the lifespan of your pipes.

Current methods for trying to fix household pipes or alleviate water pipe problems can involve months of contractors in your house and ever-escalating costs, on top of which walls and floors are broken into or torn up, potentially creating an unlivable environment.

Other water pipe treatment devices can be energy-intensive to operate. Not only are these added costs seen in your utility bills, but dependency on a power source means a more tempermental system. If there is an outage, or the device malfunctions, it is not having any impact on your water or pipes.

The IOREX Solution

IOREX is a multi-benefit, one-time, quick installation and requires no maintenance or electricity to operate and is proven effective for at least 25 years.

It noticeably enhances the taste and feel of water, as well as improves your home’s thermal efficiency.

IOREX helps alleviate repair and treatment costs by protecting pipes and preventing pinhole leaks, as well as removes corrosion, rust, scale and biofilm. It also kills bacteria in water, including Legionella pneumophila.

You will also appreciate cleaner showerheads, faucets, toilet tanks, dishwashers, and other appliances that can accumulate buildup from water.

And if you move, you can even take it with you!



"Soon after installation, the first thing I noticed was my skin condition. My skin feels noticeably better after showering. My heels used to be dry and even cracked but now having IOREX water, I no longer deal with that!" 
–Joanne H., Home Owner
Using IOREX since 2011

"I’m very happy with IOREX. My water is smoother, tastes better, and when I rinse my few-days-old vegetables (which sometimes look not as fresh as before), they actually appear fresher and crisper - like I just got them!" 
–Sean K., Home Owner
Using IOREX since 2009

"Before having IOREX, our water would sometimes contain rusty particles, and clothes had random stains after washing them. With IOREX installed, we no longer need to worry about particles in our water and our clothes don’t have those random stains anymore. And I will say - my skin feels better, and our plants seem to grow faster too!" 
–Sunmi L., Home Owner
Using IOREX since 2015

One of our IOREX certified installers will contact you to find a convenient time to install your new IOREX.