IOREX is the only pipe protection device that removes and prevents rust, scale, slime, and biofilm without using chemical inhibitors, expensive enzymes or powered solutions which can rack up electricity billss

Issues and Costs

The internal piping of a cooling tower collects biofilm, slime, rust, and scale from the water it uses. These sap the heat exchangers of their efficiency costing time and money to clear the built up residue and fix the problems caused by the corrosion.

  • Flushing: Frequent flushing to clear the internal components of biofilm, slime, and rust or scale costs thousands of dollars and can put a cooling tower out of commission for days at a time. This frequent maintenance causes unneeded disruption for building residents and unneeded costs for building managers.

  • Chemical Inhibitors: Chemical inhibitors can be purchased to reduce the growth of biofilm and reduce rust, scale and corrosion. These chemicals can reduce the lifespan of components in the cooling tower and add another unneeded cost to building maintenance budgets.

  • Enzymatic Cleaning: Evaporative cooling systems are ubiquitous with biofilm. It is known that there is a high risk of Legionella with biofilms therefore the ability to control biofilms is essential in controlling the risk of Legionella outbreaks. Enzyme cleaners are expensive and need to be used consistently in order to keep biofilm in check.

  • Electricity usage: Biofilm, slime, rust, and scale all sap cooling systems of their efficiency. This causes more wear and tear on components and continuously increases operating costs from increased electricity usage. Cathodic devices to reduce rust and/or scale also use a lot of electricity increasing operating costs and maintenance responsibilities.


IOREX can significantly reduce the need for annual jetting, chemical inhibitors, biofilm digesting enzymes, and cathodic devices. The patented static ionization process not only reduces and reverses rusting, scale, and corrosion but also has been shown to sterilize the water in pipes, eliminating biofilm development. The patented IOREX process breaks up biofilm, rust, and scale and can reduce the need for frequent jetting saving money and reducing water usage.

Other similar cooling tower devices rack up your electric bill, have to be replaced every 5-10 years, and may only address some of the problems that sap cooling tower efficiency.

IOREX reduces maintenance costs, increases heat exchange efficiency, and prolongs the life of cooling tower internals. Maintenance-free and lasting at least 25 years, IOREX will save money and extend the lifespan of a cooling tower.