IOREX avoids the costliness of pipe lining or replacement and eliminates the need for chemicals and corrosion inhibitors. Installation on the main water line is easy, avoids broken walls, can be done within a few hours, and requires no ongoing maintenance.

Compared to current methods that can take months of labor and require invasive work and extensive costs, IOREX may seem like a “magic fix.” It is simply the next generation of prevention and treatment of water pipes and what the world needs right now.

  • Savings # 1 - Water pipe cleaning expense: Eliminate pipe jetting.

  • Savings #2 - Chemical corrosion inhibitors: Once IOREX is installed, there is no need to use any kind of corrosion inhibitors. Data shows that when comparing corrosion inhibitors versus IOREX alone, IOREX exhibited far better results in terms of corrosion prevention in water pipes.

  • Savings #3 - Heating cost: By improving heat transfer efficiency through reducing scale and rust build-up, between 1 to 5% of energy consumption can be saved.

  • Savings #4 - Maintenance: Once IOREX is installed, no additional or periodic maintenance is necessary.

  • Savings #5 - Energy: Unlike other water system products, IOREX is energy-neutral and does NOT require an external power source to operate, so there are NO hidden costs associated with IOREX.

  • Savings #6 - Water softening: Since IOREX has a softening effect on water without compromising the mineral content of water or wasting it the way traditional softeners do. Therefore, you can avoid purchasing a water softener altogether.

  • Savings #7 - Future pipe repair and replacement: With IOREX, you can dramatically extend the lifespan of your water pipes and alleviate pinhole leaks.


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