IOREX is the only pipe protection device that removes and prevents rust, scale, slime, and bio-film without using chemical inhibitors, expensive enzymes or powered cathodes which can rack up electricity bills.

Industrial equipment managers need a cost-effective way to manage bio-film and pipe rust/scale. IOREX is the no-maintenance solution to both issues. No reoccurring costs that drive up maintenance budgets like with chemical or enzyme inhibitors, And no staggering electric bills like with cathode solutions, IOREX needs no additives, electricity, and lasts over 20 years



Industrial Water Pipe Issues

  • Biofilm build-up on heat transfer surfaces
  • Scale formation inhibiting mister flow
  • Pipe rust and scale which can lead to corrosion


IOREX prevents all of these problems

  • Prevents pin hole leaks by reversing the rusting process within pipes
  • Prevents and removes existing rust and scale, starts working in as little as a month
  • Reverses the Erosion process caused by rust on the interior of pipes.

IOREX changes the equation, no longer do plant managers need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on chemical inhibitors to keep pipes free of rust, scale, bio-film and slime.  IOREX cost 1/10th what epoxy coatings do and doesn't require the use of chemical inhibitors for the life of the product.


How IOREX Prevents Rust and Scale


Formation of Rust: 

  • Rusting is caused by oxidation
  • Electrochemical electron exchange occurs with oxygen in passing water current
  • Fe+2 ion formed on the surface of iron creates Fe2O3 combining with 2OH-



    Formation of Scale:

    • It is a binding process of metals (pillow structure) such as iron, calcium, manganese and magnesium and non-metals such as nitrogen and sodium chloride in water
    • Scale is caused by anode and cathode binding, and is then crystallized and settles on pipe surface
    • Rust is formed first, and then scale is formed on top.